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I am on a "seafood" diet - I see food and I eat it!

I've been trying to lose weight in great anticipation of the summer. I am hopeful that losing a couple of pounds will keep me from having my normal pre-summer meltdown in the dressing room as I suddenly realize I must wear shorts or melt and all my jiggly bits would look much better in the bathing suit rather than hanging out of it.  I have managed to lose 7 pounds with sheer determination, an iron will and what feels like quite a bit of starvation - okay, so maybe I am not really starving - but compared to all sitting down fried green tomatoes and Maryland Crab Cakes it might as well be.  I am determined and I shall prevail but man I could really use a crab cake. May a have a menu please? 

I designed these too. What can I say, I was on a roll...'sides keeps me from eating :)

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