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Pretty Baubles

Into every girls life must fall little tiny baubles. . .

XYZ Blocks...the alternative ABC

A is for apple and B is for boring no more. While I am not sure these are totally appropriate for small children. . .big kids need blocks too. Umm,Santa are you listening cuz I LOVE these updated blocks from Fred and Friends!

Desktop clutter ruffling your feathers?

Need a fun way to post those great pics? Check out Birds on a Wire clips by Fred & Friends!

Ziplock bags are not just for cheerios...

I stumbled upon these hand illustrated bags on daydreamlilly. Who knew you could make recycling a ziplock bag seem so very, very cool.

To DIY for: Typewriter Board

I have a thing for typewriters...kinda like my thing for fonts. Hmm...maybe there is a connection. Anyway...this was a lovely piece now retired from Pottery Barn but thanks to Proper Prim... its available as a DIY project.

All Things Typography: A Field Guide to the Typestache

I am totally in love with the emerging trend of the mysterious moustache. Here is a typographical study in the 'stache.

And look how much the stache rocks on an invitation.One of my favorites invites is from Penelope Poppy on Minted.