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Fight Me I'm Irish - It's a Wedding!

 And one my really good friends is getting married this Fall. When he told me he was getting married, he said, "you'll know which isle you're in because all the guys will be wearing "Fight Me I'm Irish" T-shirts.

I think he was kidding...but then I've seen him wearing this t-shirt more than once. AND he is an Irishman. In case you don't have one click here.

I am excited all the same and not having been a fan of kelly green before. I have fallen in love with it after seeing these gorgeous shades of the emerald isle.

Ring by Vera Wang

Found via DCNearlyWed

Found via Martha Stewart

Found via DGStyle

I love the idea of using a horseshoes motif to add charm and a bit o' Luck!

Found via Martha Stewart

And a bit of clover too!
Found via DCNearly Wed


The leaves of a four leaf clover are said to stand for hope, faith and luck - how fitting is that for a wedding.
This sterling silver locket is available online at Walmart or The beautiful charm necklace is available at Dogeared Jewels and Gifts. What great bridesmaid gifts!

And for a fine Irish Wedding and a fine Irish Meal, this Wedding Program and Menu. I like that you can add your own toast to your guests. My personal favorite:

May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light,
May good luck pursue you each morning and night.

~Irish Blessing

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