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Hey, I've moved!

I have been slugging away at this blog and a website and well...I am real tired now so I have streamlined things. Good news...more time. More downloads. Visit me at me new blog at

Think Outside the Vase

Just about anything can serve as a vase for flowers. Here are some neat ideas for creative containers for your wedding blooms. These clever arrangements will give your tables a unique look and give your guests something to talk about.

Vintage Tea Cansiters: Nestle your blooms into charming vintage tea cansiters. You can get some on Ebay.

Chinese Takeout Box: Colored versions of the box make eye catching and inexpensive containers for your blooms.

Tree Trunks. Hollowed out wood makes a pretty container. Perfect for a rustic wedding!

C'mon on and Raise Your Glass

Toast your guests and say thanks the right way.

1. Be Yourself. Don't read a toast you found on the internet, facebook or any other electronic media. Odds are if you found it 100 other people have too. Be original. If you're funny, be funny. If you're overcome with emotion, go ahead and show it.

2. Memory Lane. Recall the first time you met and how you knew they were now in the company of the one.

3. Keep it clean. Nerves and too much too drink could put you on YouTube and not in a good way. If you're feeling shaky, keep it short and sweet.