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Never Miss A Birthday Again!

Did you know...In the early to mid-1800s most greeting cards were hand delivered and sent only by the elite wealthy. Hand delivered? Are you kidding me? I am lucky I remember to buy a card in the first place and then getting it in the mail on time requires an act of such sheer will power and supreme force that General McCrystal would be impressed by it. But I have discovered the secret of secrets to NEVER miss a birthday again.

Founded in 2005 by two friends, Jack Cards is designed for busy people who really want to send a handwritten card but are like me and find it nearly impossible to get to the post office or card shop. Jack Cards delivers pre-scheduled, stamped AND addressed greeting cards to you. All you have to do is add your personal message. They let you import important birthdays and other personal dates, you can upload your address book and so you will have all those special dates covered ALWAYS! Best of all they have the best card selection and membership is F-R-E-E! How can you not love that.

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