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You're Just My Type

I also heart fonts and I heart paper which are the two main ingredients of any book my other favorite. Hmm...maybe what I really love is the type that goes on the paper thats bound into a book. I am not really sure but the hubby said if I bring home one more antique typewriter, book or more type for my long suffering letterpress... there is going to be a problem. Gosh, I hope he doesn't look under the bed in the guest room...

Top left: via Martha Stewart Top Center: Typewriter Place Cards Top Right: Table decor at Marryyoumarryme Bottom left: Typewriter Cake via Design Sponge 
Bottom Center: Wooden Printers Blocks Bottom right: Cufflinks

Gown-a-licious: Spring 2011 Collection

So Oscar de La Renta's Spring 2011 Collection is on the shelves ladies and everything is just oh so beautiful. I picked my fab five but let me know what you decide to rock down the isle!

Images via Martha Stewart

Images via Martha Stewart

Never judge a book by its cover

I had such a fun time creating the Starfish Guest Book I wondered how many other great DIY projects were out there for creating wonderful books for your wedding. Check out these lovely ideas!

Make one these beautiful books for each of your reception tables. You can get instructions on how to create one at StyleMePretty.

Transform a storebought scrapbook or photo album into this super cute guestbook. Simply affix color coordinated envelopes to the pages and provide guests with note cards to leave you lovely messages. You have got to love those folks over at Martha Stewart.

Books are not just for pictures or guests...sometimes they make really cool table numbers! Love these. Used books easily found at garage sales, antique stores and flea markets are given new life with masking tape. See the instructions on creating a set for yourself at OnceWed.

And sometimes they make wedding invitations. See the full monty about photographer Heidi Ryder's comic book wedding invitations at her blog.

Okay so maybe its not exactly a book but these library card save the dates were too cute not to include. Find the how-to over at OffBeatBride

Happy Earth Day

The wonders of nature.

How to Create a Fabric Corset

I have been doing this neat little trick for years to dress up old tin cans used to hold pencils and paintbrushes. I thought I'd see how it would look on a much bigger scale and with a glass container.

Eyelet Maker
Fusible Hem Tape

  • Measure the item to be covered.
  • Cut fabric in rectangular lengths about 1 inch longer and wider than length needed.
  • Fold over all four edges and using a hot iron, iron them down.
  • Insert fusible hem tape underneath the ironed hems and apply heat to seal them closed.

  • Using your owl or eyelet maker punch holes in opposite edges of fabric. Space the holes about 1inch apart.
  • Insert eyelets using your eyelet maker.

Note: I used square ones here and you can see they can skew crooked. To avoid this use round eyelets only!

  • Lace the finished corset with ribbon of your choice just like you would your shoes!

You can add fresh flowers for a unique centerpiece. Simply choose fabric and ribbon that coordinates with your decor.

Orange you excited?

I love orange. It's so vibrant and sexy. Orange you glad I decided to create this inspiration board?
Orange you excited!

Making Your Own Beach Themed Wedding Guestbook

Happy Friday everybody! Wanted to leave you with this DIY follow up to the cute and inexpensive Starfish Table Number Frame - a matching guestbook! Gosh, I love guestbooks. They capture the thoughts, and feelings of people who've come to share a very special moment in our lives. It's a physical anchor of an event that may have gone by in a blur of faces.

To start making the wedding guestbook shown here, you’ll need to purchase a Hardcover Book with Window. You can buy the book from an arts and crafts store, at or from a scrapbook store. I like these books because they come in either black or white making them work for any wedding theme.

You’ll also want to purchase the following supplies to make your own wedding guestbook:

Photobook Creator or YourStory
Photobook with window
Ribbons, labels, beads, jewels, dried flowers, glitter or other embellishments
A stencil or stamp and fabric markers, ink or fabric paint
A large jewelery photo charm

  • First, select the design for the cover. I love the beach and I also happen to have a client whose getting married at the beach. So I created a page with a beach theme. I used dingbat fonts which can be purchased inexpensively from The use of a dingbat font, which is a font that substitutes a letter for an image, makes creating these pages a snap. You simply choose the image(s) you like to create a pleasing page. I added a simple monogram and straight lines.
  • Then I made the monogram smaller, small enough to fit the jewelry finding.

  • Next created the interior pages. The interior of the book is a simple 8.5" x 11" page printed landscape. Using the beach monogram I created I made the guest book pages to match. 

  • Once you are happy with the pages you will then need to use the PhotoBook Creater or Your Story Thermal Book Binder to create the finished book. The thermal book binders come with software that will allow you to create pages but they didn't allow the freedom of choice that I wanted for this guest book. However, it's worth the $39.99 purchase price to buy the book binder. It makes wonderful professional looking photo books- perfect for making your own wedding photo books for your family and friends!

  • Using ribbon cut to the double the width of the book, I wrapped a ribbon around the center of the book cover and then knotted each end to the photo charm on the front cover. Be sure to pull alittle snug so that the ribbon stays on as the book is opened and closed.

There are lots of ways to make your guestbook personal. You can use craft glue or a glue gun to stick different embellishments to the cover. You can spray the book with glue and cover with fabric. It's really up to you. You could also:
  • Using hot glue or superglue, attach your wedding invitation or a photo to the front of your guestbook.
  • Adding a special poem or even a copy of your wedding vows in the front of your wedding guestbook can give it a unique touch. 
Now just in case you would rather buy a guest book than make it. I found a couple that i thought i'd share.

Bottom Bottom

Making a Starfish Table Number Frame

It's been a while since we chatted so I thought I'd return with a little DIY project to get the ball rolling again.  I designed this for a bride who is getting married in Florida. She was looking for something to add some depth to the table but not break the bank.

So this is what I started with:

Unfinished wood frame
Acrylic Paint
Wood Craft Marker
Unfinished Wood Ornaments

  • I painted the picture frame with sea blue acrylic paint. I gave it only one coat as I wanted that washed wood look you get at the beach. Let dry.

  • I painted the starfish with a white woodcraft marker. I let them dry and then I hot glued the starfish onto the painted picture frame. 

Once you have the frame together, I printed a simple table number in a matching ink and inserted into the frame opening. Cute yes! and the whole project cost $4.00.


See the next installment of how to making a matching guestbook!

Speak up, I can't hear you

Can you hear me now? Am I the only one who has trouble hearing people on my cell phone? Get an earful with this handy gadget from available at The Curiosity Shoppe.
Sometimes its hard to find the right words.  These kits from Lea Redmond, the creator of Tactile Poetry kits, help alot. Use these wooden, three-dimensional letters to spell out the way you feel.

Or if you prefer to say it with chocolate. A personalized chocolate bar to get your point across. Be creative with a your flavor and your message at Cocoapod. 

Sometimes I get writers block...I before E except after C. This set of No. 2 pencils from Paper Pastries is printed with a half dozen factoids in case your mind is like mine and starting to slip.  

Easter Wishes

Happy Easter everyone!

Go Fly A Kite! - An Easter Tradition

Although colored hard-boiled eggs, chocolate Easter bunnys and a good Easter egg hunt followed by a delicious brunch are probably the first Easter traditions that come to mind.

Top left: Spring Centerpieces Top center: photo Country Living Top Right: photo  unknown
Bottom left: Personalized Easter Bags Bottom center: Country Living Bottom right: Personalized Easter Gift Tags

This year we had a very special friend who shared his Easter tradition with us from Bermuda.


In Bermuda, the tradition is to fly a kite on Good Friday. In, Bermuda, the flying of kites is meant to symbolize Christ’s ascent. Now little did we know Bermuda kite flying on Good Friday and Easter weekend is serious business. The kites are handmade using dozens of pieces of brightly colored tissue paper.

See what I mean? Beautiful! Sadly, we didn't think to take a picture of ours till after it wasn't quite as pretty as these examples. Honestly, the day couldn't have been more perfect! Bright sunshine, a good wind and a beautiful kite all promptly followed by chocolate easter bunnies and a delicious brunch!