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All Things Typography: The only eleven typefaces you'll ever need

Only if life were as simple as this. Like... a women only needs  11 pairs of shoes.  You must be joking! But it's the thought that counts right? Download this great typography poster here

Freebie Fonts: Matchbook

So ridiculously retro and filled with endless possibilities. Get Matchbook for free.

Sparkle Script Letters DIY

What pretty princess doesn't love a little sparkle? LOVE this Martha Stewart DIY project for creating sparkle script letters.

Shine on!

Freebie Friday: Charity Favor Cards

Earlier in the week I blogged about couples who choose to donate to their favorite charity in lieu of wedding favors. Bravo you big hearted couples! For Freebie Friday I thought I'd share some F-R-E-E favors cards that highlight two popular and personal favorite charities: The Humane Society and The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.


Dànké . . . that means thank you

Over the past couple of years, I've gotten some lovely couples who in lieu of wedding favors have opted instead to make a donation to a worthwhile non profit. Now don't get me wrong I love a chocolate bon bon as much as the next chick ( well . . .maybe slightly more actually) but it's cool when they couples choose to make global citizens out of us all. What's even cooler is that Bella Figura ( my fav) to encourage this big hearts has started offering free letterpress favor cards to those couples making a donation to nonprofit organization doing good for the world. Take a peek at some of the many favor cards they've printed for couples so far …

Beautiful, yes? Want some for yourself, of course you do! Head over to Bella and place a minimum $500 order; and get your free letterpress printed favor cards. They will use the same ink and design from your invitation order; they’ll match your highest quantity - so, if you order 200 invitations, you get 150 free favor cards.

Real Weddings: Anna Bell + Bert Allan House Wedding

Now, I'm from Texas and there is no better town in Texas than Austin. Austin is such a great place - it's hip, it's hippy, it's modern and it's so old school they've been "gettin 'er done" since the The Wild West days. So when Anna Bell and Bert came to me and told me they were getting married at the historical Allan House in downtown Austin, I thought "now we're talkin". The property and the ceremony site is highlighted by gorgeous live oak trees that are unique to Texas so she wanted to incorporate that into her stationery.

As it turns out, the motif chosen represented not only a live oak but the enduring strength of love as well.

The day before Anna Bell and Berts wedding, the groom became ill. Bert was so ill in fact that he ended up being hospitalized for the night and most of the wedding day too! The groom, determined not to leave his beautiful bride at the altar, did manage a momentary appearance for heartfelt nuptials and then a wheelchair ride back to the hospital.

Bert wanted Anna Bell to stay and enjoy the day they had planned together so Anna Bell remained and "ate, drank and was married" surrounded by her wonderful friends and family.

Anna Bell and Berts sense of humour and their obvious joy in each other made creating additional stationery a breeze.

Anna Bell said "It was a beautiful day!"

Bert did recover well enough to shoot some great shots a couple of days later that they weren’t able to do and the happy couple got to have their first dance.

{Photos courtesy of SMS Photography}

Free Save the Date: Cassandra

. . . to celebrate a little check off my to do list - a freebie for you. You can download this classic Save the Date here.

Design Sneak Peek: Cassandra

. . . continued efforts to increase my offerings. Now available in my etsy shop.

This Side of Paradise

gasp. . . for my book collection. . . to never ever touch with my bare hands less my grimy grip ruin these beautiful book covers.


Across the Pond

j' adore Claridges new branding!

. . . everything in the bag please. . .yes, thank you.

Math Majors Rock

In the continued quest for what my son is going to major in at college . . . apparently underwater basketing weaving, which was a personal favorite of mine, is no longer offered. Damn. So what to do when your hope is that whatever he chooses to study will go a long way to creating an awesome, upstanding, well read, articulate, ecomaniacal, fiscally conscientious, uberly hip but retro cool, global citizen who upon graduation will able to stop making withdrawals from the "Bank of Mom and Dad". Said college graduate with most intriguing major will also be able to afford something zippy to drive and his own pad. . . perhaps this one. . . so i can visit . . . often.

So what if I told you this stunning 18,000 square foot home was owned by a math professor? Yeah, that's right I said a math professor. Apparently a REALLY smart math professor who also wrote a slew of extremely successful calculus books, that obviously made him a bizillion dollars - $24 million of which bought this humble abode - but a math teacher non-the-less. Hello Math Majors!

Quick do the math: A car travels from A to B at a speed of 40 mph then returns, using the same road, from B to A at a speed of 60 mph. What is the average speed in which Anita could move her crap into this house?


Last math problem:: A test has 20 questions. If peter gets 60% correct, how many questions did peter miss? Is it important do you think if my son is not math material? History major it is then. . .

Dorm room revisted...

My son is headed off to college in a couple of weeks and we have been . . . okay I have been frantically trying to create the perfect dorm room for him. He could care less of course. . . his contribution to date towards the look of his room. . . a Bob Marley print the size of his bed. Granted. . . it is a VERY cool Bob Marley print. Is it possible to find a fine balance between egg crates and fine design? In my dream world you understand of course -  his college dorm room would be all this loveliness.

. . .  serious academic achievements could be attained at a desk like this.

. . . microwave in the corner there for a quick bite

Just a little quick crete and a wee bit of field stone over the cinderblocks, Bob Marley replaces the mirror there and voila! Instead this is what I am working with. I feel faint.