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The Long and Short of It - High Hemlines are In!

Not afraid to show a little leg, then this new trend is for you! Todays designers are embracing the tea length and mini dress as the mark of style for weddings in 2010. Once considered too daring for a bride's big day, the short designer gown has emerged from the closet as one of this seasons hottest wedding dress trends. Get in on this fab and fashionable look with a short designer dress of your own.

If you're worried that a short dress could be a fashion faux pas of the highest magnitude, relax. Unless you're having a very formal, evening wedding, the short dress can be sophiscated, innocent, casual or high drama. It's not only up to you in how you play with it, but how you work it.

Wedding Dresses with Pockets - Say that again?

Yes, you heard me correctly. The new trend is wedding gowns with pockets! Now, I think it's either gonna be a "love, love" relationship or a "hate with a passion" kinda thing. For me personally, being a women of a certain age -when such things were completely unheard of- I would have gladly welcomed a wedding gown with pockets.

I mean what a great place to stash the safety pins that were hidden in my maid of honors bra, or the tiny mirror I had hidden under my plate for check ups. Much better place for the lucky charm that was hidden in my bra or perhaps even a tidy spot for a tissue that never seemed to be handy when I got teary-eyed. Sublime beauty and practicalness - the best of both worlds and the heart and soul of the pocket wedding dress.

Below are 8 examples that might have you reconsidering your options. 

Via JCrew

Smart, simple, and useful. Enough said.

"Mad"-ness and a Vintage Wedding Dress

You may never have seen the show, but you know the look. For some unknown reason no woman ever photographed between the 1950's and 1960's isn't drop dead gorgeous. Gloves, ladylike tea dresses- it's classic American, iconic style.

Found via unique vintage

The late '50s and early '60s offer an overall sense of elegance and sophistication. "Mad"-ness - inspired style for the bride-to-be who is in love with 1950s and 1960s is all about flair - refined retro style, carnival-chic food and playful decor.

Think a Don Draperesque effect would be a good fit for your groom or groomsmen? Consider "the Don" — dark, fitted suit, sterling cuff links — even specifying how to wear their pristinely white hanky: folded flat, "Kennedy-style," of course.

Visual Treats - Monsieur Qui



Monsieur Qui is a French fashion illustrator who does some amazing work with watercolors and ink. He also does some very cool street art.

A Spring Cleaning

I was cleaning out my closets in hopes that a wee bit of spring cleaning might actually bring on spring. It didn't work but I did find some much needed inspiration in my old lavender sachets from Wolds Way Lavender Farm in England. The satchets are hand embroidered with the most beautiful lavender sprigs. Just beautiful and they even still smell a bit!

Not mine...but you get the idea

So, while its not yet Spring, my closet is clean and I was inspired to create this inspiration board and the lovely program in the bottom right corner to go along with it, which I will post to my Etsy shop soon. Read the story about the plum shoes at calligrapher Jessica Lynn's blog.

Plum Fancy

I just love the idea of using satchets or lavender bundles as place cards.You can get them at Lavender Fanatic.

Found via Martha Stewart

Lavender Fantatic even has a DIY kit for making your own. I suggest having the bag monogrammed as a wonderful bridesmaid gift. And if you should ever get a chance to try lavender ice cream...I highly recommend it. It's delicious!

A Feathered Nest

Invite spring to your wedding tables with song birds and nests.

Feathered Nest

Love the place card holders from Pottery Barn.

You can get a larger look for candle holders. Check Micheals.

DIY Tip: Want to make your own menu board like the one featured. Purchase this frame from IKEA. The frame is plastic but a little spray paint goes a long way! Just make sure you use spray paint appropriate for plastic. To match the look used a dull gold or bronze. Wipe quickly with paper towel for a more rustic look. Have your menu printed or calligraphied on an oversized sheet of cardstock or paper and then cut to size of the cardboard insert included. Add ribbon and your done.

DIY Authentic Vintage Paper Labels

Create authentic vintage paper labels for herb bottles and tea canisters with this FREE download from  Eat, Drink Chic. You can download your free label designs and read instructions on how to achieve the vintage paper effect. It's a little time consuming but very authentic!

It's Elementary Watson - Free Script Download

I finally got a chance to get out this weekend (applause) and me and the family went to see Sherlock Holmes. First let me say a.) Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law are some yummy eye candy and b.) the movie is actually quite good and most importantly c.) I am now completely obsessed with the font shown in the movie credits. As you may or may not know...I am a font freak...seriously I have REAL font issues.

found via Girvin 

Alas, my dear friends... I cannot locate the font but did find some pretty stellar subsitutes and they are all F-R-E-E. Use these amazing fonts on your next project. They are perfect for addressing those wedding envelopes. Try Jane Austen , Texas Hero and my personal freebie just for you. Enjoy! If you don't mind paying a little. Click here for great collection of authentic scripts.

Bright Sparks and Vintage Label Freebies

I was cleaning out the inspiration bin and came across this photo...sadly the name of magazine from which it was ruthlessly ripped - in my glee- has been lost. I was inspired by the yellow and pink combination but fell in L-O-V-E with the vintage tea and coffee cans the couple used.

New or vintage (preferred for their charm), these containers are inexpensive and easy to find at specialty-food stores, garage sales, and even online. Just remember to test tins to make sure they're watertight before filling with your flower arrangements. If any leak, use plastic bags as liners.

If you don't have any luck finding the originals, you can make your own with this Flicker Set . For a DIY project to produce your very own Vintage Cans you can find a lovely tutorial at  Paper Valise.  

Inspiration Board : Girly Glam

This striking black and white palette gets a one-two punch This wedding is all about girly, glam, mashed with classic style. Hot pink, pale pink - it doesn't matter what shade you rock - it all rings true. Once again the cameo silhouettes add that super sweet touch. Perfect.

Free Vintage Labels - Get 'em while they're hot

Just got a tweet about these beautiful framed vintage labels being offered by World Label . They have been kind enough to offer them totally for F-R-E-E  in fillable PDF form, with some very handy instructions included for your printing amusement. Click away but remember they are for personal use only! I see place cards in someones future...

DIY- Creating Girly Glam with Cameos

Vintage Cameos are the perfect inspiration for a vintage glamour wedding centerpiece. If you have never seen a vintage cameo to use as inspiration for this wedding centerpiece, then search online for photos. I've included some great cameo graphics for you to use as well. You will be amazed at how beautiful and elegant they are!

To Make This Vintage Cameo Centerpiece for your Glamorous Wedding You Will Need:

Black Vase
White Paper
Ornate Ribbon
Exacto Knife
Scratch Paper
Candles or Flowers

1. The black vase or votive holder will represent the traditional black background found on most vintage cameos.

2. If you can't find a black vase then purchase a clear glass vase and use black stained glass paint or ceramic paint to paint the inside of the glass.

3. For a quick fix wrap your vase in really pretty black paper, wall paper or wrapping paper. I've wrapped mine in kraft paper with a beautiful lace pattern that I got from the dollar store.

Note: If using paper be sure to make your vase wrap slightly shorter than the top of the vase for your florist flowers. Dont worry the flowers will cover the slight gap.

4. Print or trace your silhouette template onto a scrap of heavyweight cardstock or construction paper. This will be used as your template. 

5. Using your template trace your boy or girl silhouette onto thick white cardstock. This is your final product so choose your paper stock wisely! Carefully cut it out with an exacto knife. Make the silhouette as big or small as you like based on the impact you want on your vase. To use one of these, just right click and save the image, then upload it to your photo host.

6. Use a clear drying glue to adhere both the cameo to the outside of the vase. Glue it down as well as possible.

7. Once glue has dried use a gold embroidered or thick ribbon to wrap the top edge or middle of  vase. This will mimic the look of the gold necklace or ribbon that most vintage cameos hang on. Look for scalloped gold brocade ribbon or black satin. This will add a rich and expensive vintage look with tons of glamour.

These vases are perfect for holding elegant floral arrangements on your wedding reception tables.


A Cameo Appearance

Vintage cameos are the perfect inspiration for a vintage glamour wedding. You can get gorgeous custom silhouettes like the one pictured here of you and yours from PetitePrints. Love the vintage cameo necklace from Wrecked Monkey that is made from recycled vinyl.... beautiful and eco friendly! I also found the amazing cookies at SweetAmbs etsy shop. Dont forget to box them in these stunning black and white oval favor boxes I found.