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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - What that old bag?

I love it when old things find new purpose. I especially love it when one mans junk becomes another mans treasure.  Burlap is often used to form storage bags for grains, potatoes and coffee. Who knew a feed sack could be this cute!

 Organize in style. You can get this rustic chic organizer at Pottery Barn beginning May 17.

I've got a thing for typography and silhouettes so when I found these burlap tote bags I was smitten! Love the Handmade Burlap Bags with Vintage French Graphics or the Heavy Canvas Bags with His and Hers silhouettes from Mothology.

I have a real thing for monograms. It's a disease, what can I say? This Monogrammed Burlap Bag from Orientexpressed is only $24.00. I think I have found my new summer beach tote! 

Did I mention junk to treasure? Look at these beauties I found at Tatertotsandjello. A feed sack I think not. You can make these fabulous Burlap Bracelets yourself.

And if you think burlap cannot possibly be more beautiful then check what Giannetti Home at Velvet and Linen did with this bedroom suite.

Above: headboards are covered with yep, you guessed it burlap. The tutffed ottoman below is my favorite!

Don't think you want to take on that much DIY? Get these fabulous throw pillows to add to your home collection at Cute Pink Stuff. Love the ruffles!

Feeling crafty? You can make your own Burlap Cafe Pillows with this tutorial from Sew Dang Cute. Aren't they though?

And just in case you don't think this versatile fabric can't work anywhere but at home. Look at what happens when you throw a bit of burlap into your wedding.

Consider Personalized Burlap Bags filled with Coffee Beans as Wedding Favors from Stylish and as someone who loves coffee - a delicious treat!

Perhaps, these beautiful  Burlap Napkins Rings made from dollar store goodies for your head table? Seriously, the dollar store. I swear!

Or burlap cuff bracelets with satin roses for your bridesmaids. So rustic and elegant! I know you're shocked and need them desperately. Check out the great DIY Tutorials at tatertotsandjello.

Love this Custom Ring Pillow made from velvet and burlap with a custom monogram button from Etsy seller TheBloomingSouth. Absolutely the most beautiful stuff I have ever seen. And last but not least. A little inspiration from yours trully:

Brown Bag

Top left: Burlap wreath. Top right: Kraft Paper CD.
Middle Left: Burlap Table runner. Middle center and right. Linen suit and Linen Dress at JCrew
  Bottom left: Handmade Rings from PoshTotty  Bottom right: Burlap wrapped bouquet.

Reduce, recycle, reuse.

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Marsha H. Spann said...

I adore it when old things find new reason. I particularly adore it when one keeps an eye on garbage turns into another keeps an eye on fortune. Burlap is frequently used to shapestockpiling packs for grains potatoes and espresso. Who knew an encourage sack could be this charming!