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Bad Holiday Photos

The world is filled with uber photogenic families which I must say are a joy to work with but I thought how fun would it be to a get a card with one of these pics plastered on it. Kinda puts a different spin on the phrase "Joy to the World" dont it?

Perfect Photo Syndrome

Whew, holiday cards are finally in the mail. Ran a little behind this year...caught a severe case of "perfect photo syndrome." You's when you obsess so long over which photo to use in your Christmas cards that they become Happy New Year cards. I never did find one I "loved" so my peeps got a randomly selected choice of shot a) a two year old pick of my holiday bedazzled front door or shot b) a year old photo of my boys. What can I tell's the best I could do. I've picked next years photo though... it's not me but the sentiment is perfect.

Let go my Logo

Stumbled across these fantastic uber clever minimalist logo designs and had to share!

Reuse, Recyle: Tank Top Totes

If you are like me...okay so maybe you already did this and you ARE NOT like me and just now sorting your summer clothes in December into the usual piles of:

What was I thinking ?
Damn dryer!
Still fits, still cute AND still in style.
and the lonely hearts club... tanks and tees that still rock but well, you just dont want to rock them anymore.

Before you resign them to the back and beyond of your closet check out this tutorial from Crafty Nest for turning them into  uber cute totes!

Inspiration Board: Hello Sunshine

Check out the wedding suite featured in this inspiration board in my Etsy shop