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Finally, New Stationery Designs!

So I said I would have some new stationery designs and well... now I do! The new designs, are all available in my etsy shop!


Hope you all love the new designs! More pictures can be found on my website and in my etsy shop! And last but not least! I am testing the waters with a couple of holiday cards but my next big push is graduation announcements. So keep an eye out!

Holiday Photos Cards: My First Collection

So excited to introduce my first collection of holiday cards. Now available in my Etsy shop

Found + Featured: The Knot Boston

My favorite feature on every designers website is the Found or Featured page. You know where they show you these AH-mazingly glossy covers of fantastic magazines they're printed in. Yeah, no dice here... that is until today!

Imagine my surprise... here I am on a cold wet Sunday, spiffing up my website ( which is looong overdue)  trolling for one last pic a real wedding - that I designed and shamefully DID NOT feature on my blog- when I trek over to her photographers site. Only to discover that my bride and her stunning photography was featured in the Fall/Winter 2012 issue of The Knot Boston. Seriously this is making my year! Now to just get my hands on a copy!

Making my list...and checkin it twice

OK folks... I've just completed my proverbial " if I haven't sold it in 6 months it's never gonna sell " list. The list is spectacularly long. Geesh! Why such a poor showing this year? Bad design. Bad photography and in one case a healthy dose of both. So I am cleaning shop. It's time to hunt down the items that fall into the "what was I thinking when I designed that" category in my shop and send them to the stationery graveyard. Which sadly, works out to be pretty much my entire current wedding collection! 

On the upside...that makes room for a whole new collection which is almost complete. I've got some great pieces I am really hoping are gonna be truly reflective of how much I've grown as a designer. The designs will include matching save the dates as well as matching escort cards too! I am super excited about their release which I hope will be early Winter and just in time to thrill all you lovely ladies ( and gents) who decide to get hitched over the holiday season. So stay tuned!

Make Your Own Fabric: Project Runway for the Rest of Us

Ever wanted to make your own fabric? Now you can. Spoonflower, a website for crafters and aspiring designers (that's you), has a design-it-yourself-fabric service. And if that wasn't enough they've just launched a design-it-yourself wallpaper and decal service to turn your artwork into one-of-a-kind removable wallpaper.
Both services are super easy to use. Just upload your design and behold as Spoonflower transforms it into a repeating wallpaper or fabric pattern. You can preview your designs as they will actually look too. Adjust things like the size and nature of the repeat and once you're happy, simply purchase by the roll ( $60) or the yard ($16).
You can also turn your fabulous artwork into peel-and-stick decals ( $5 to $30, depending on size), which are perfect for everything from walls to dressers. Plus the wallpaper and decals are self-adhesive so they are easy to put up and take down.

You were born an original...

My son is fourteen and each week he strolls out of his room and it seems like he's got a different personality on. Last week he was all jock, this week apparently he's a pod person for Holister. Next week is anybodies guess. At first it bothered me that he had seemingly multiple personalities so I got "mommy anxious" and asked him about it. His straight faced response ... "Mom, I don't have multiple personalities. I have two. Awesome and freakin awesome. Once I got done laughing up my coffee all I could think of was...