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Go Fly A Kite! - An Easter Tradition

Although colored hard-boiled eggs, chocolate Easter bunnys and a good Easter egg hunt followed by a delicious brunch are probably the first Easter traditions that come to mind.

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This year we had a very special friend who shared his Easter tradition with us from Bermuda.


In Bermuda, the tradition is to fly a kite on Good Friday. In, Bermuda, the flying of kites is meant to symbolize Christ’s ascent. Now little did we know Bermuda kite flying on Good Friday and Easter weekend is serious business. The kites are handmade using dozens of pieces of brightly colored tissue paper.

See what I mean? Beautiful! Sadly, we didn't think to take a picture of ours till after it wasn't quite as pretty as these examples. Honestly, the day couldn't have been more perfect! Bright sunshine, a good wind and a beautiful kite all promptly followed by chocolate easter bunnies and a delicious brunch!

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