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New Glory - Red, White and Blue

Just got around to peeking at  Anthropologie and was rewarded with this cuteness: A modern nod to red, white and blue! I love that this dress is so versatile. It can be worn easily and stylishly at Fourth of July and Memorial Day picnics and weddings!

I am not a fan of the necklace they feature with the dress. However, I do love the ode to the sailors knot. Very cute! Check this one from Kara Ross for Saks.

If you need something more delicate I absolutely love this textured matte gold knot pendant at Dejarnette and at $60.00 it's a steal!

Sometimes a bare neck is the sexiest look there is but you need earrings to really draw attention to that long lovely neck and perhaps a really good push up bra. These earrings are absolutely perfect for that red, white and blue as is all the handmade jewelry over at AncaNY .


Love this vintage scarf as an accessory! Tied around the head for a casual chic look or around the neck for that Audrey Hepburn vibe. You can  find it on Etsy at UnderCapricorn.

Love this simple gold braid hair accessorie from Jennifer Behr at fengjunk.

And last but not least a little arm candy.


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