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Free DJ Request Card Template

"No, my first name ain't baby. It's Janet. Miss Jackson if you're nasty..."

As I was tuning up my IPod with my personal playlist for VACATION, I came across Janet Jackson's Nasty...

I don't like no nasty girl
I don't like nasty food
The only nasty thing I like
Is a nasty groove
Will this one do?

I thought hey...what if everyone could ring the request line? 

Well, get ready to dance the night away with these super cute retro D.J. request cards. Have them on your guest book table so that all your dancing queens and super fly guys can say... "Hey, Mr. DJ! Play my favorite song..."

A2 folded notecards

You can download the funky bunch right here.

Fathers Day: Better late than Never

It's been a crazy wedding season, the studio has been going non stop and so sadly, I have forgotten it's Father Day this Sunday. I feel terrible and even worse that his gift will arrive late but I like to think we celebrate our favorite guys all year round so maybe he won't mind so much. If your guys is like mine, and on his days outside the office, he's an outdoorsy kinda fella - what a perfect way to bring the outdoors stylishly in with an engraved stone from Etsy seller SJEngraving.

He's also a foodie and a sports fan so we're throwing in these awesome sports themed chocolate covered strawberries from Shari's Berries. Yum!

So try not to neglect your big guy, take a moment this Sunday to tell him he is the more than King of the Couch, Grand Regent of the Remote Control, and Lord of the Grill but he's also the Keeper of your Heart. I know my guy is!

Real Weddings: Anh and David

Just got this lovely thank you from one of my brides Anh. She contacted me wanting to create table numbers with a monogram that would match an isle runner she had ordered. She just sent me a great shot of the table numbers and a link to her extremely talented photographer Thao Vu blog site, to see the rest of her lovely wedding.

To see more pictures on Anh and Davids wedding click here.

Out with the Old. In with the New.

My computer died. It was a good computer and really it hung in there longer than it should have but it went peacefully I am thankful for that. So it's been a week playing with my new baby. She's very pretty and much faster and has some ridiculous amount of memory that the tech assured me I could never hope to fill. HA! Check with me in a month, well see about that!

Anyway, of course a new computer deserved some upgraded software. Hello Adobe! It also required some font shopping. Sadly some of my fonts got lost so I had to beg, buy and borrow my way thru my list. It was a long list and of course Bickham  was top of the list. It's timeless of course - with beautiful flourishes, and those ligatures! Sometimes I look at type set in Bickham and I cant believe how utterly beautiful it looks, but there are days when I have to admit, I'm a wee bit little tired of it. Considering that now there is a freeware version of Bickham available online, it's becoming dare I say it "overdone."

So in hopes of adding something new and encouraging some clients to break with Bickham, here is a sampling of four of my new favorites.

Miss Fajardose

Burgues Script

His Nibs


Eat, Drink, and Wine: Chic Wine Labels

Just finished cruising my new Martha Stewart for June. This was the photo shot used to intro her summer series and I loved it. I wanted these labels but alas they were not one of Marthas infamous DIY projects. Shame Martha! So I decided to make my own.  I have a party coming up on Saturday and I plan to plaster the bottles with these.

To make yours download the pdf here.

Remove the labels from your wine bottles by soaking them in water. Don't want to waste the time soaking a full bottle of wine? Goo off works great! Print these labels on a full sheet of adhesive paper. I used a guillotine cutter to cut them down to size. Peel and stick and you've got yourself a party. Remember though once the labels get wet they're goners. You can purchase special waterproof adhesive labels but it's for fun so why bother!

Wow on Wednesdays: Freebie Gift Tags

Whew, it's been party central at the casa lately and I have been burning through gift tags left and right. I ran out of my fav engraved ones (very distressing) so I made some on the fly. They were pretty cute so I thought I'd share. Download them here. Dont forget to let me know what you use them for!