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Font Friday: Hey Fat Boy!

Before the days of computers and digital type, letterforms were drawn by hand, cut into wood, and then printed onto paper on ginormous machines: this arduous process... aka letterpress printing.

Two designers, Matt Griffin & Matt Braun, created a project called Kickstarter. Their plan: to scour the globe for 10 of the most prized fonts of wood type they can get their hot little hands on. Once acquired, they will print the faces on their Vandercook proof press, and then carry them over into the world of vectors and Opentype font-ery. Translation: awesome font love for you and me! A quick peek over at Kickstarter  shows they have well over funded their goal of 15,000 for the project. So the joy of this project? Their first release. You can download Fatboy for free. How could you not download a free font. . . especially a font called Fatboy.

Like Me: Thumbs up

I no "Like" the new facecrack but on the off chance that you do. . . check out the "Like" icon necklace from French designer Lysandre Follet.

On the hunt: Double digit diva dress

"Looks like a beauty queen hand cut from a magazine. What she wears suits her well" ...
Right...easy enough unless your one digit too many on the opposite side of thin. Mr. Wonderful just informed me we have a fundraiser gala in DC to attend... in exactly one week. Seriously? Whoa nelly! Where did all that junk in my trunk come from? UGH! But fear not, a seriously armed and dangerous trek to Needless Markup oops...ahem, excuse me that's Neiman Marcus...yields one amazing off the shoulder cocktail dress followed by a short but fierce arm wrestling session for a pair of matching pumps and my day is done here folks. Mr. Wonderful looks mighty impressed...I got a nice whistle and a not too shabby Mrs. B.

Party on!

Go Big or Go Home: BIG Fonts

Do you need your viewers to pay attention to your next design? Then consider a polite slap
 in the face with a thick, heavy duty font.

These are not your thin polite fonts ...oh no my friends. Be prepared to pull out the big guns.



While extra bold fonts aren’t exactly for everyone or every project... they ARE sometimes just what you need. So play around with them... try an extra bold font with an ultra-thin one for great effects. Take a risk... go big, bad and with these fonts go fabulously FREE!

Freebie Friday: Holiday Photo Card

So my neighboor and friend lost her sweet golden lab, after fourteen years of fun, frolick and fur. She wanted to include her in this years holiday card but wanted something upbeat and something uniquely "Edie." Edie had a thing for treats and no one could enter the house without providing the requisite "cookie" so I created this christmas card for her - she loved and said I could share.

To download yours click All Dogs Go to Heaven.

Making a Font Face

Dear readers - my halloween costume has arrived. I personally think it's totally cool to go as an ampersand as there will surely be enough vampires.

Posters available from atipo in Spain.

Design Sneak Peak: Boy meets Girl

Did I mention I love a typestache? Its just so uber cute. . .so cute in fact I created a program just so I could use one. Check it out!

To DIY for: Fabric Panels

See a great tutorial on how to create these fabric panels at Belle Dia

We go together like...