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Txtng and drvng = no

So it finally happened. I drove and caved into the unfathomable notion that I could text while driving too. Now for the average person, that's toying with danger. For anyone who knows me and my driving skills, that's like lighting a match in room full of gas. It's going to blow in your face and its not going to pretty. Thankfully I DID avoid creaming the car in front of me but it was close--really close --and by the single digit consideration I got from the driver he saw what I was doing and didnt like it one bit. Sigh. So not cool. Know what is cool? The graphic inspiration from Fiat's Don't Text and Drive Campaign to not ever do it again!

Books I've Read

Just finished The Good Son by Michael Gruber. I found it in the $1 store of all places so imagine my suprise when I read that Stephen King listed it as one of his top reads of 2012. Lemme tell ya. It's worth the $1.00 I spent and a whole lot more. Highly recommend this one. 

Not your average dress

balloon dresses by rie hosokai and takashi kawada

Yes, a dress made of balloons. Japanese artist Rie Hosokai of daisy balloon builds elaborate dresses by custom 'knitting' white balloons to gradually build a fragile but totally wearable frock. Not for everyone but still very, very cool. 

Up Up and Away

Happy Belated New Year! I know. I know! I meant to do this great send up of 2012 but well... I hung out with my family, ate too much of my mother in laws fantastic cooking and drank alot of vino instead. Trust me. It was way better for both of us.

So here's hoping 2013 is filled with all the things you love, everything you hope for and none of the stuff you hated about 2012.