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Real Weddings: Bret + Trice Allan House Wedding

Just got these lovely pics from one of my favorite brides and her wonderful photographer, Lisa Woods. Trice is my second bride whose gotten married at the beautiful Allan House, in Austin Texas. If you have never been to Austin, run dont walk to get there! Love that town! Granted I might be a bit biased as a native of Texas myself but I digress. Trice was such a joy to work with and such a beautiful bride. Enjoy y'all!

Helpful Tips: Assembling Wedding Invitations

Before the advent of the post office, invitations were hand delivered by footmen. As you can imagine it was a dusty, dirty business. To avoid the embarrassment of guests recieving soiled envelopes, invitations were delivered in two envelopes. Upon arrival, the dirty outer envelope was discarded and the invitations were presented in their clean inner envelope. The inside envelope bore just the names of the intended recipients. Their was no need for an address as they were already at their intended destination. Although no longer necessary,  the custom of mailing invitations in double envelopes continues to this day.

So how does a modern day bride handle getting that pretty little invitation in not only one but two envelopes?
Wedding invitations are assembled according to size.

1. Begin with the invitation. Any enclosure cards are then stacked on top ( not inside).
2. The reception card goes first, placed face up on top of the invitation.
3. Next is the reply envelope, placed face down on top of the reception card.
4. The reply card is slipped face up beneath ( not inside) the flap of the envelope.
5. Direction card follows.
6. Then accommodation cards.
7. Once the invitation and enclosures are assembled, they are placed face up into the inner envelope.
8. Fold the flap down and flip the stuffed envelope over.
9.  Place the inner envelope face up into the outer envelope.

Tip: always make sure the envelope flap is pointed to your right.

Not so tough now was it ? Happy stamping!