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I think there is a Candle Ring Shortage

It's is just me or does there seem to be a shortage of decorative holiday candle rings? I know they used to make them cuz I just gave away a boatload to goodwill so I could buy new ones. Perhaps I should have gauged the availabilty of said candle rings before I gave away the old ones? Once again desperation is the invention of all good decor at my house.

Start with one grapevine wreath...

Add 17 berry sprays found at AC Moore ....

Insert one glass hurricane and candle...

Equals = one rather cute and inexpensive custom candle ring.

Get Your Craft On: Modern Holiday Card Craft Board

When your friends’ beautiful holiday cards start arriving at your home, how do you artfully display them? This was the question recently posted over at Minted. Hmm...good question.

Let's see, ratty baskets, not so ratty baskets, pretty baskets with holiday ribbon and a vintage brass tree card holder or some combination of all the above. I know... I can do better.Which is why when I saw Minted's blog post on Modern Craft Boards for your Holiday Cards I was smitten.

Teamed with West Elm Accessories, the designers over a minted created this cute craft board using a simple piece of foam board, covered with linen. The cards are then pinned to the board with decoratve circle pins and highlighted with felt snowflake and Christmas tree ornaments from West Elm. Clever!

Unfortunately, I dont have nearly the room for the size board created by Minted and I wanted something a little candy stripes! But thanks to Minted's tutorial I created my own. See how it turned out!

I cut the larger piece of foam board to create two long narrow panels.

Minted's pinboard is covered with a piece of linen. I subsituted candy striped wrapping paper for a bright festive feel. Using an adhesive glue gun, I wrapped the panel neatly; securing the ends to the back of the board. Think of it as wrapping an extremely skinny box! 
I also wanted to hang mine so once the panel was wrapped, I stapled a loop of  wide satin ribbon to the back of the board and then tied it with a bow. Using a thumbtack on the inside of the loop I affixed to my wall. 

Now to to attach the Christmas Cards that have already begun to arrive!

Broke Ass Bride: Givin it Away

Do you love FREE? Me too! Which is why I am thrilled to share a sweet little give away with my one of my fav blogs - Brooke Ass Brides!  I am giving away 100 personalized wedding invitations. What? You heard it. How do you get in on the deal? There are two ways to enter to win! Just subscribe to the Broke-Ass Brigade newsletter  or leave a comment on the blog post!  Tell me it's gotta be you and maybe why and I might just pick you!

Teddy Bear: Birth Announcement at Minted

So super pleased! My first birth annoucement Teddy Bear is now on sale at Minted.

12 Days of Christmas and a Bat Mitzvah

So I've started my Holiday shopping and I am working on being commited to shopping locally, shopping handmade and being as crafty as possible. Ok so there was that total slip with the iphone was just really shiny and I have this thing about shiny- but I think I am back on track now. Anyhoo...I've decided to share my gift giving craft fest one present at time. First up: The Bat Mitzvah

I started with a gift card to a local jewelry store cuz what 12 year old girl doesn't love sparkly things? And it supports a family owned and run business in my area. Then it was on to presentation.

1 gift bag
1 monogram letter
1 glitter tree bow
1 wooden butterfly
1 folk art paint
1 balsa wood box
1 butterfly pic
1 glitter gift box holder
1 rhinestone monogram letter

- PLAN A: Paint the wooden butterfly ornament and the wooden box. Insert the giftcard into the box and then attach the gilded butterfly and ribbon. My cat had other ideas for both the butterflies and the box. I managed to save one butterfly from his evil clutches, the rest...lost. Me 1. Cat 2.

- PLAN B: Another box and more glitter.

I sealed the gift card inside the pocket and tied with ribbon. I attached the rhinestone monogram to outside corner of the box and clipped the butterfly clip on the bow. At this point I am feeling pretty good about it all and my son, whose classmate is celebrating her big day, is trying not to hyperventilate at all the glitter. Poor dear.

Then it was time for more presentation and more glitter. I know... it's a disease - me and the glitter.

I attached the giant glitter bow to the outside of the bag with hotglue and wire wrap the monogram letter onto the bow. I placed the gift card pocket inside the bag and stuffed with matching metallic silver tissue. Love those stars. 

What's with the presentation you say? Really? Is all that neccessary? The glitter probably not but seriously...pretty packaging can make even a pair of socks rock. Visit your local dollar store, the dollar isles at your local craft stores. Think inexpensive but creative. Just a little thinkin outside of the box can go along way.

Next up: Grandma's Garden

Shop Local and practically Save the World

Have you started your Holiday shopping yet? No? Well let me share with you how to practically save the world or at least your local business owner one gift at a time.

 - LOOKIN GOOD? No, but they want to or at least YOU really want them to? How about gift certificates from your local hair salon or barber?
- NEED TO TAKE A LOAD OFF? Or know someone who wants to? How about a 1 mth, 1 wk or 1 yr membership at the local Y or single class to get 'em started.
- WASH ME PLEASE! Locally owned detail shops and car washes would love to sell you a gift certificate or a book of gift certificates.
- SPREAD THE WEALTH. Or at least some mulch anyway. Get the local paver, landscaper or gardener to seal, mow or plow a driveway, yard or lawn.
- GOT FOOD? Surely there's a small owner run restaurant, brewery, pub, fresh market or diner in your 'hood offering gift certificates for the foodies in your life.
- SQUEAKY WHEELS ALWAYS GET THE GREASE. Get 'em an oil change for their car, truck or motorcycle at the local auto body shop.
- DOWN AND DIRTY? Check out the services of a local cleaning lady for a day... or two.
- GET YOUR CRAFT ON. Knit, sew, paint, carve or make jewelry, pottery, glass, books or cards. Don't do any of that...find a local crafter who does.
- HEAD FOR THE DOORS. Local playhouses, drafthouses, ballets and theatres are waiting for you with open arms. Support them and make the holidays merry and bright.
- JINGLE BELLS?  Musicians need love too, so find a venue showcasing local bands.

Just some of the ways to support your home town, home made and heart sent. And remember...

Saturday, November 26th is Shop Small Business Day. Visit the Small Business Saturday Facebook page. Like em and then go forth and shop small people! Start a revolution of locally made.

Once in a Century: 11.11.11

Todays one-derful date holds special meaning - and not just because we won't see it again for another century (which is pretty darn impressive) - but it also happens to be Veterans Day, Armstice Day, Global Pause for Peace, a mathematical phenomenon, astrologically the luckiest day - EVER and according to David's Bridal the day over 56,000 couples will get married. What could top all that you say? It also happens to be my birthday. No, I am not telling you which one... a lady nevers tells her age. But i'll tell you it's an oldie but a goodie.

No Tricks, All Treats: Minted Special

Is it just me or does that Halloween sugar high still get ya everytime? Gotta learn to step away from the candy bowl a little sooner eh? Anyhow, now that the sugar high begins to wear off its time to turn to yes, you guessed it Holiday Cards. Minted, sweet people that they are wanna put a little holiday love in your life with these two awesome specials.

Treat Number 1 - The Insider Discount:
Save 25% on your holiday cards if you are able to order by this Thursday, November 3rd and send your cards out no later than the day after Thanksgiving. If that works for you, please visit this URL to get your special code http:/// ( ignore the 10/31 date on the page)

Treat Number 2 - Friends and Family Discount:
Take 20% off your holiday cards -valid November 1st-15th. Use this code at checkout: DESIGNFAF2011

Let the shopping begin!