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Sweet Tea Southern Style

I came across Olde Savannah Southern Style Sweet Tea today at World Market. Now I am from the South so anything called sweet tea has my name written all over it. So I ham fisted a bottle and headed home. Now it's not for the faint hearted. It's syrupy and sticky sweet exactly the way sweet tea should be. A long, tall glass of ice cold sweet tea is the perfect compliment to warm afternoon. I loved the label on the bottle and played with it some. I thought it'd make a really great invite or program.

Southerners has always been known for their gracious hospitality. There are plantation homes across the South that welcome you exchange your vows under 100 year old trees and against backdrops of charm, grace, and history.

Southern Style Sweet Tea

The key to a Southern style wedding is keeping it simple and making sure there's plenty to go around.

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