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All things Typography: Eames Century Modern

Introducing my new fav...Eames Century Modern, released by House Industries. Font contains 16 serif fonts, two stencil cuts, four number sets, a “smart” frames font and countless ornaments designed inspired by the works of Charles and Ray Eames. Oh how I love a font.

Design Sneak Peek: Julienne

Simple, modern and with a nod to whimsy...I present Julienne, my newest wedding program. A neat trifold panel with a custom map. I heart maps :)

Who Knew: A Cookie Buffet

I have heard of candy buffets...sweet! But not everybody is a fan of a 20lb glass jar filled with skittles so what do you do if that's to cutesy for you? Well aaccording to is all about the cookie buffet. Now you are speaking my language. Yum!

Envision a collection of mismatched china or depression era pressed glass cake stands filled to the brim. Or a collection of color coordinated glass stands - overflowing with cookie delights. Make it fun by including a selection of  handmade favorites like classic chocolate chunk cookies, lemon poppy shortbread, black-and-whites, and raspberry creams. And make it personal by including your childhood favorites...a good old fashion oatmeal raisin cookie perhaps? Consider using an old family recipe or handmade speciality to honor your heritage or in remembrance of a family member who is no longer with you. 

And don't forget....personalized cookie favor bags so guests can take their cookies home and voila. Check out this loveliness and its FREE! Our favorite!

Check out this FREE download over at

Say Yes to the Dress: Reem Acra Spring 2011

See what I mean... the sheer loveliness of it all. Just gorgeous!

Design Sneak Peek: French Country Collection

Check out my newest addition to my wedding invitation collection. Vintage Country is inspired by, a old chair I found at an attic store.

For added elegance consider adding a pocket and custom belly band.

Fine Design: Mix Tape Letterpress Invitations

Stumbled on this cool little bit of fine design over at Beast Pieces.

Designed by Adam Ramerth at Lark this set starts at about $1000.00 so its not for the faint at heart but still... look at it in all its loveliness. I say "rock on" with yo bad self!

Books to Read...or not

So I have been trying play catch up on my "required" reading for book club. Here is the book I've yet to finish.

Ahabs Wife by Sena Naslund

Its a work of historical fiction using Herman Melville's Moby-Dick as looking glass into early-19th-century America. This ambitious novel pays tribute to Melville, creating heroines from his lesser characters, and to America's literary heritage in general or says Amazon.

I personally missed the actual meeting upon which this book was assigned. Had I been there...perhaps there would have been a slighly different choice. It's not my favorite book but the heroine Una, has just gone to sea at 16 disguised as a boy, has her ship sunk by her own monstrous whale, and survives a harrowing shipwreck... there may be hope yet.

Inspiration Board: Pretty in Pink

Remember when we were little girls and everything was prettier when it came in pink? It still is...

Pretty in Pink