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Hulk Smashed

Photos via Design Taxi

A Stained Glass Door Made Of PANTONE Swatches

Are you a Social Geek?

My kids like to shout "Awkward" every time I do anything but I think that's just their way of showing me moral support. For those of you who are a tad bit more confident and want to declare you're socially savvy.  Socialico is a package of 74 social media icons, designed by Jelio Dimitrov a.k.a. Arsek.


In a tizzy over TIZA

Free Fonts for Logos

How much do I love a big 'ol fat font, done in chalk and for F-R-E-E? Oh, let me count the ways.

If Fonts were Dogs...comic sans would be

Forgive me for digressing, but this on ongoing conversation within the design community... and this is as funny as all get out. 

Photo via: Gizmodo

Simplicity Graduation Announcement - @ Minted

Now on sale at Minted, my Simplicity graduation announcement.

DIY: It's in the Bag

Have you ever needed a quick gift graduation gift but wanted something homemade or at least something that vaguely resembled home made? Of course you have. Well here's your answer. Why not create a monogrammed bookbag? It's cute, quick and practical! Here's how:

Materials needed (to make one bag):
• iron-on monogram letter
• pre-washed cotton bookbag
• 1-2 sheets decorative iron-on applique's ( flowers, birds, etc.)

Step 1: Decide placement of the applique's.

Preheat iron to cotton setting and lay the project out on a hard, heat resistant surface.
Step 2:  Position applique on fabric design up.
Cover with thin cloth. Press and hold for 15 -20 seconds to tack applique to project. Reverse fabric (turn fabric inside out) and press from the back for an additional 30 seconds to complete application.

Step 3: Dress it up a little.
Think about adding rhinestones, custom tags, trinkets or all three.

Real Weddings: Jessica and Shea

You know I love paper right? The only thing I love more than paper ( coffee is always implied in these conversations) is pictures of paper. So when I got a lovely email from Liz Cook over at Sincerely Liz kindly telling me she had some pictures of paper, my paper,  she wanted to share. I was nearly giddy. She was kind enough to pass the pretty pics on so I could share!

Don't forget to check out the rest of Jessica and Shea's beautiful wedding.

Wait...What's an Escort Card

I know everyone is familiar with the sight, outside the entrance to the reception, of a rather snazzily or not so snazzily dressed easel or table upon which is precariously perched a seating chart. The mission... should you choose to accept it... is to scan the chart, as quickly as possible, without knocking over the chart or any of the other guests, find your name and your name only, the table assigned to you and perhaps for the single ladies (and gents!) figure out if tall, dark and whoa!! is sitting next to you. Wink! Wink! Nudge.

Now that you have accepted your mission... quick, commit it to memory! Cuz, the moment you step two feet away from the chart it will feel as though it self detonates, taking the knowledge of where the heck you're sitting at up in a haze of smoke and paper bits. No, not really...but feels like that doesn't it?

Which is where escort cards or seating cards come in.

Escort cards ( not to be confused with place cards as they are NOT the same thing - place cards are the handy dandy tented ones placed at each guests assigned seat), are traditionally small cards placed inside an envelope (yes, an envelope). The envelopes have your guests names written on the outside. Inside, is a flat card with the guests assigned table number written on it. Escort cards serve the same purpose as a seating chart, only smaller and with the handy dandy feature of being less likely to succumb to self detonation and quite a breeze to rearrange to accommodate last minute seating changes!

Most brides will opt to skip the envelope and choose to display the cards as creatively as possible. Look on for some super cute options!

photos: 1 - Escort cards featured in Style Me Pretty photographed by  Pure7studios ; 2 - Lanterns photographed by  Jasmine Star;  3- cookie escort cards via Merriment Events ; 4 - Match box escort/favor cards via Martha Stewart; 5 - Skeleton Keys escort cards via Emmaline Bride

Happy Mothers Day

The Bag Has it

Amongst other things of course... current read is All Other Nights by Dara Horn. Fabulous! So is a really good bottle of Cupcake.

DIY: Giant Paper Rose Flower

I am quite postive this little Green Wedding Shoes DIY lovely has been posted, pinned and repinned like a bizillion times already but alas... I've been living in a hole... really. I am so far behind when it comes to posting, pinning  and reading other fabulous blogs that I am ahead. Forgive me for my sins, and if you've seen it before...sorry...but cuteness discovered must be shared and shared alike.
Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!!

Font Friday: Sverige Script

Because once again, who doesn't love a script with some fancy flourish. Check out Sverige Script.