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Initially Yours - Monograms and Mayhem

I've lost my keys yet's an on going trauma and I am convinced if my husband would just buy me a pretty monogrammed key ring I would NEVER lose my keys again. I know I could buy one for myself but somehow IF he buys it that would be make it EXTRA special and therefore immune to becoming lost. He won't do it. So my keys are gone. I decided I will have to buy my own monogrammed key chain so I started my search with monograms on my new favorite find It's like Etsy but in England. I am totally hooked!!  So look at what I found:

Oh gosh...I needed a snack and guess what...I found my keys! In the pantry, next to the peanut butter but I still think I need one of those charming monogrammed goodies to keep me, my life and my keys in order. So I will...

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