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Wedding Dresses with Pockets - Say that again?

Yes, you heard me correctly. The new trend is wedding gowns with pockets! Now, I think it's either gonna be a "love, love" relationship or a "hate with a passion" kinda thing. For me personally, being a women of a certain age -when such things were completely unheard of- I would have gladly welcomed a wedding gown with pockets.

I mean what a great place to stash the safety pins that were hidden in my maid of honors bra, or the tiny mirror I had hidden under my plate for check ups. Much better place for the lucky charm that was hidden in my bra or perhaps even a tidy spot for a tissue that never seemed to be handy when I got teary-eyed. Sublime beauty and practicalness - the best of both worlds and the heart and soul of the pocket wedding dress.

Below are 8 examples that might have you reconsidering your options. 

Via JCrew

Smart, simple, and useful. Enough said.

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