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Scrabble DIY- Spells LOVE

Thought i'd follow up my snow day with Scrabble with a quick tutorial for an awesome Valentines Day gift. Happy Crafting!


Old Scrabble Game pieces and other junk
Drill with a 3/64 drill bit
Small vice or bench grip
Decoupauge medium
Jump Rings
Eye screws
Photos or scrapbook paper 

1.) Gather junk. Cute know wonderful little finds that may be in your attic, junk drawer, craft drawer, found in antique shops or a garage sales. Love those!
Note to self: Do not purchase said junk because you can buy a hundred for a dollar.
2) Put the piece into a vice and secure. After marking where you want the hole, take your drill and carefully drill a hole through the top of the tile trying to make it as straight as possible.

3) Or, the other option is to turn the first tile on one of its sides (left or right), and mark a half-centimeter in from each end. Repeat with the remaining tiles and drill a hole into but not thru the center of both edges of tile. Twist an eye screw into each hole.

4) Join the tiles together by either connecting the eye screws with jump rings or threading the tiles with jump rings and attached to each tile.

5) You can add photos to the tile. Cut photos or scrapbook paper to fit the tiles.

6) Then, cut the photos out, and decoupauge them to the front of several tiles. You'll want to coat the pictures with several layers of decoupauge medium.

7) Add a clasp. Consider adding a watch face or other cools finds to really make your piece unique!

Look at the above. I thought this was a beautiful sample of what you can do with junk. This was made with an old wood ruler, a recycled watch band and an old typewriter key. Not too shabby.

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