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A Spring Cleaning

I was cleaning out my closets in hopes that a wee bit of spring cleaning might actually bring on spring. It didn't work but I did find some much needed inspiration in my old lavender sachets from Wolds Way Lavender Farm in England. The satchets are hand embroidered with the most beautiful lavender sprigs. Just beautiful and they even still smell a bit!

Not mine...but you get the idea

So, while its not yet Spring, my closet is clean and I was inspired to create this inspiration board and the lovely program in the bottom right corner to go along with it, which I will post to my Etsy shop soon. Read the story about the plum shoes at calligrapher Jessica Lynn's blog.

Plum Fancy

I just love the idea of using satchets or lavender bundles as place cards.You can get them at Lavender Fanatic.

Found via Martha Stewart

Lavender Fantatic even has a DIY kit for making your own. I suggest having the bag monogrammed as a wonderful bridesmaid gift. And if you should ever get a chance to try lavender ice cream...I highly recommend it. It's delicious!

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