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DIY- Creating Girly Glam with Cameos

Vintage Cameos are the perfect inspiration for a vintage glamour wedding centerpiece. If you have never seen a vintage cameo to use as inspiration for this wedding centerpiece, then search online for photos. I've included some great cameo graphics for you to use as well. You will be amazed at how beautiful and elegant they are!

To Make This Vintage Cameo Centerpiece for your Glamorous Wedding You Will Need:

Black Vase
White Paper
Ornate Ribbon
Exacto Knife
Scratch Paper
Candles or Flowers

1. The black vase or votive holder will represent the traditional black background found on most vintage cameos.

2. If you can't find a black vase then purchase a clear glass vase and use black stained glass paint or ceramic paint to paint the inside of the glass.

3. For a quick fix wrap your vase in really pretty black paper, wall paper or wrapping paper. I've wrapped mine in kraft paper with a beautiful lace pattern that I got from the dollar store.

Note: If using paper be sure to make your vase wrap slightly shorter than the top of the vase for your florist flowers. Dont worry the flowers will cover the slight gap.

4. Print or trace your silhouette template onto a scrap of heavyweight cardstock or construction paper. This will be used as your template. 

5. Using your template trace your boy or girl silhouette onto thick white cardstock. This is your final product so choose your paper stock wisely! Carefully cut it out with an exacto knife. Make the silhouette as big or small as you like based on the impact you want on your vase. To use one of these, just right click and save the image, then upload it to your photo host.

6. Use a clear drying glue to adhere both the cameo to the outside of the vase. Glue it down as well as possible.

7. Once glue has dried use a gold embroidered or thick ribbon to wrap the top edge or middle of  vase. This will mimic the look of the gold necklace or ribbon that most vintage cameos hang on. Look for scalloped gold brocade ribbon or black satin. This will add a rich and expensive vintage look with tons of glamour.

These vases are perfect for holding elegant floral arrangements on your wedding reception tables.


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