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Real Weddings: Anna Bell + Bert Allan House Wedding

Now, I'm from Texas and there is no better town in Texas than Austin. Austin is such a great place - it's hip, it's hippy, it's modern and it's so old school they've been "gettin 'er done" since the The Wild West days. So when Anna Bell and Bert came to me and told me they were getting married at the historical Allan House in downtown Austin, I thought "now we're talkin". The property and the ceremony site is highlighted by gorgeous live oak trees that are unique to Texas so she wanted to incorporate that into her stationery.

As it turns out, the motif chosen represented not only a live oak but the enduring strength of love as well.

The day before Anna Bell and Berts wedding, the groom became ill. Bert was so ill in fact that he ended up being hospitalized for the night and most of the wedding day too! The groom, determined not to leave his beautiful bride at the altar, did manage a momentary appearance for heartfelt nuptials and then a wheelchair ride back to the hospital.

Bert wanted Anna Bell to stay and enjoy the day they had planned together so Anna Bell remained and "ate, drank and was married" surrounded by her wonderful friends and family.

Anna Bell and Berts sense of humour and their obvious joy in each other made creating additional stationery a breeze.

Anna Bell said "It was a beautiful day!"

Bert did recover well enough to shoot some great shots a couple of days later that they weren’t able to do and the happy couple got to have their first dance.

{Photos courtesy of SMS Photography}

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