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Clip Art: Fancy Pants Flourishes

Guild from Bella Figura

Could you love a flourish anymore than this...I LOVE a flourish. The only thing I love more than a flourish is a flourish with birds. I am smitten...truly. They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Houston, we have a problem.

Actually, we have several problems. The biggest being the price tag for this loveliness from Bella Figura. But not to worry! It's like buying a new car. First you fall in love and then you see the price of your desire and realize your on a budget- a tight budget. So, what's a budget saavy bride, with a penchant for a fancy flourish, and a bird or two to do? Clever, clever girl that you are - you will think...clip art! Yep. Fancy, Fabulous and F-R-E-E. My favorite three words...ever! 

Check this border of birds :

Too much? How about this floral banner?

Imagine the possibilities!

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