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Dorm room revisted...

My son is headed off to college in a couple of weeks and we have been . . . okay I have been frantically trying to create the perfect dorm room for him. He could care less of course. . . his contribution to date towards the look of his room. . . a Bob Marley print the size of his bed. Granted. . . it is a VERY cool Bob Marley print. Is it possible to find a fine balance between egg crates and fine design? In my dream world you understand of course -  his college dorm room would be all this loveliness.

. . .  serious academic achievements could be attained at a desk like this.

. . . microwave in the corner there for a quick bite

Just a little quick crete and a wee bit of field stone over the cinderblocks, Bob Marley replaces the mirror there and voila! Instead this is what I am working with. I feel faint.

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