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Math Majors Rock

In the continued quest for what my son is going to major in at college . . . apparently underwater basketing weaving, which was a personal favorite of mine, is no longer offered. Damn. So what to do when your hope is that whatever he chooses to study will go a long way to creating an awesome, upstanding, well read, articulate, ecomaniacal, fiscally conscientious, uberly hip but retro cool, global citizen who upon graduation will able to stop making withdrawals from the "Bank of Mom and Dad". Said college graduate with most intriguing major will also be able to afford something zippy to drive and his own pad. . . perhaps this one. . . so i can visit . . . often.

So what if I told you this stunning 18,000 square foot home was owned by a math professor? Yeah, that's right I said a math professor. Apparently a REALLY smart math professor who also wrote a slew of extremely successful calculus books, that obviously made him a bizillion dollars - $24 million of which bought this humble abode - but a math teacher non-the-less. Hello Math Majors!

Quick do the math: A car travels from A to B at a speed of 40 mph then returns, using the same road, from B to A at a speed of 60 mph. What is the average speed in which Anita could move her crap into this house?


Last math problem:: A test has 20 questions. If peter gets 60% correct, how many questions did peter miss? Is it important do you think if my son is not math material? History major it is then. . .

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