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How to Create a Fabric Corset

I have been doing this neat little trick for years to dress up old tin cans used to hold pencils and paintbrushes. I thought I'd see how it would look on a much bigger scale and with a glass container.

Eyelet Maker
Fusible Hem Tape

  • Measure the item to be covered.
  • Cut fabric in rectangular lengths about 1 inch longer and wider than length needed.
  • Fold over all four edges and using a hot iron, iron them down.
  • Insert fusible hem tape underneath the ironed hems and apply heat to seal them closed.

  • Using your owl or eyelet maker punch holes in opposite edges of fabric. Space the holes about 1inch apart.
  • Insert eyelets using your eyelet maker.

Note: I used square ones here and you can see they can skew crooked. To avoid this use round eyelets only!

  • Lace the finished corset with ribbon of your choice just like you would your shoes!

You can add fresh flowers for a unique centerpiece. Simply choose fabric and ribbon that coordinates with your decor.

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