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Super Mom. Super Wife. Super Woman. Super Tired.

A messy kitchen is a happy kitchen or so the saying goes... right? But I've been thinking what if dirty dishes piled up in the sink cuz nobody has five minutes to swap them with the clean ones in the dishwasher, or the trash that needs to be taken out (Seriously. What is that smell?) and the groceries that need to be bought on top of the groceries waiting to be put away means it's plain you've just got too much crap going on? 

I mean, between football practice that runs into basketball practice that overlaps with the PTA meeting that conflicts with my neighborhood board meetings, that all conflict with being a small business owner. I suddenly feel like my desire to be all things is moving beyond my type A personality and converging towards crazy? But when I consider dropping any one of them I am appalled at the thought that I won't be my kids biggest cheerleader, make sure warm nutritious meals are on the table for my family, be a contributing member of my community or that I wouldn't ( gasp!) blog, pin, tweet, create, promote, and tag my way to building my small business.

I don't know. Suddenly, I'm struggling to make all the pieces fit and I am just not sure what to do about it. I want to be a super mom, a super wife and a super business woman but how do you balance it all? For now what I do I a super mom? Vote's still out on that one but a plate of warm chocolate cookies never hurts to sway your constituency. A super wife? That strikes me as a loaded question... but I'll run with you betcha. A great business woman? Not sure. I have a tremendous amount of self doubt and competition is fierce. Being seen, being heard and being original gets harder all the time. I am not leading a nearly interesting enough life to tweet about, there are not enough hours in the day to pin, I am not nearly creative enough to DIY myself into a corner and then blog about it and with major changes over at Etsy. Some super focus is now needed to keep my little shop from becoming irrelevant.

Super mom? Maybe. Super wife? I like to think so. Super Woman? Ah no. Super tired? That would be a yes.

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