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DIY: Heirloom Wedding Keepsake

Found this gorgeous brooch bouquet over at Bridal Guide. I thought I'd share their handy DIY guide for creating one of your own.

floral tape
craft wire
silk flowers ( hydrangeas pictured)
48 vintage broaches, pins, earrings

1. Collect vintage brooches, pins, and earrings. Look for them at estate and garage sales, vintage and antique stores and resale shops. 
2. Wire each brooch and covered the wire with floral tape. Form the silk flowers into your desired bouquet shape. Scatter the brooches throughout the silk flowers.
3. Cover the stems with vintage handkerchiefs, add a charm for your handle!

TIP: Save a couple of choice broaches, pins or earrings from your hunt and gift one to each of your bridesmaids!

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