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I Heart Etsy...really I do

I love Etsy. It's been really, really good to me and I can't imagine ever being anywhere else except well maybe somewhere else. How dare I consider betrayal? Well, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth... is I take REALLY bad photographs. Sad isnt it? I have cajoled, conjured, jimmy rigged and photoshop'd myself into exhaustion and still all my product pics look like they were taken with the expertise of a three year old.

Enter BIG CARTEL. It's Etsy but not. It's indie and I like that. It's designed by artists for artists. I really like that. It looks really cool with digitized versions of my work. I love that and some of my designs that don't seem to be a good Etsy fit rock on Big Cartel and I really, really love that!

I am not leaving Etsy. I am not even whispering such blasphemy. I will continue to coax some photographic genuis from these two hands and my obviously much misunderstood camera but I am working my mojo on Big Cartel too. It's two sides to the same coin...besides my mom used to always say...never put all your eggs in one basket.

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