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Back in the Saddle: Order from Chaos

Ok, so I am officially back from vacation. I say officially, as you cannot count your arrival day and never count wash-all-your-laundry-I can't-believe-I-needed-all-those-bikinis -day,  nor do you count the read-all the-piled-up-mail day. Today is my first official back-to-work day...see?

Anyhow, time to settle back into the swing of things. Amazing how a little time away can make the studio seem so fresh and new and so old and stale. First things first. I need to find something to organize my thoughts. Hmm... a bit ambitious that ...might have to shelve that one. In the meantime, I  do like the look of :

Chalkboard Wall Graphic by Caroline McGrath

Spring Branch by Zazous

7 rules from Harmonie Interieure

Wow...that feels much better. Now... I suppose I should get to work!

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