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Out with the Old. In with the New.

My computer died. It was a good computer and really it hung in there longer than it should have but it went peacefully I am thankful for that. So it's been a week playing with my new baby. She's very pretty and much faster and has some ridiculous amount of memory that the tech assured me I could never hope to fill. HA! Check with me in a month, well see about that!

Anyway, of course a new computer deserved some upgraded software. Hello Adobe! It also required some font shopping. Sadly some of my fonts got lost so I had to beg, buy and borrow my way thru my list. It was a long list and of course Bickham  was top of the list. It's timeless of course - with beautiful flourishes, and those ligatures! Sometimes I look at type set in Bickham and I cant believe how utterly beautiful it looks, but there are days when I have to admit, I'm a wee bit little tired of it. Considering that now there is a freeware version of Bickham available online, it's becoming dare I say it "overdone."

So in hopes of adding something new and encouraging some clients to break with Bickham, here is a sampling of four of my new favorites.

Miss Fajardose

Burgues Script

His Nibs


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