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Fathers Day: Better late than Never

It's been a crazy wedding season, the studio has been going non stop and so sadly, I have forgotten it's Father Day this Sunday. I feel terrible and even worse that his gift will arrive late but I like to think we celebrate our favorite guys all year round so maybe he won't mind so much. If your guys is like mine, and on his days outside the office, he's an outdoorsy kinda fella - what a perfect way to bring the outdoors stylishly in with an engraved stone from Etsy seller SJEngraving.

He's also a foodie and a sports fan so we're throwing in these awesome sports themed chocolate covered strawberries from Shari's Berries. Yum!

So try not to neglect your big guy, take a moment this Sunday to tell him he is the more than King of the Couch, Grand Regent of the Remote Control, and Lord of the Grill but he's also the Keeper of your Heart. I know my guy is!

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