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Eat, Drink, and Wine: Chic Wine Labels

Just finished cruising my new Martha Stewart for June. This was the photo shot used to intro her summer series and I loved it. I wanted these labels but alas they were not one of Marthas infamous DIY projects. Shame Martha! So I decided to make my own.  I have a party coming up on Saturday and I plan to plaster the bottles with these.

To make yours download the pdf here.

Remove the labels from your wine bottles by soaking them in water. Don't want to waste the time soaking a full bottle of wine? Goo off works great! Print these labels on a full sheet of adhesive paper. I used a guillotine cutter to cut them down to size. Peel and stick and you've got yourself a party. Remember though once the labels get wet they're goners. You can purchase special waterproof adhesive labels but it's for fun so why bother!

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Wine bottle labels said...

The only change I would advise to this would be NOT to put the removed label directly onto paper (so you can pat it dry), as you did. This will ensure more of the glue stays on the label and does not get transferred to the surface of the paper on which you placed it to pat it dry.