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The Case of the Traveling Pants

December is the craziest month of the year in my house. Aside from the fact that, I always feel like I am still stuffed from thanksgiving, lo and behold suddenly my days are supposed to be merry AND bright. Seriously. Wasn't Thanksgiving like yesterday? And just in case I am not quite one black Friday away from shopping overload it's also happens to be both my sons and my nephews birthdays. So it’s not only crazy, it ridiculously expensive. And just in case your wondering... nope we didnt even space all that shopping goodness out. The birthdays fall just days before and days after Christmas. Throw in a blooming little design business with last minute wedding and holiday orders ( all while prepping for a 10 hr road trip over the hills and thru the woods to Grandmas house) and by mid December I'm so broke, tired and foggy, a major meltdown of epic proportions is only a roll of forgotten wrapping paper away. 
Or in this years case. You single handedly manage to purchase, wrap, unwrap, repurchase and wrap the wrong pants, not once but twice. Whose got that kind of skill? Apparently, this girl. *cue the jazz hands* UGH. This month of all months, should be filled with joyous celebration, instead it's ripe with vicious paper cuts and gift woes. Next year. I am starting early. Like Easter.

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