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A not so very merry

Okay so my mailbox is starting to stack up with lots of pretty little envelopes filled with impossibly gorgeous photos of families exclaiming Joy, Merry Merry and Peace and Goodwill to all. As a greeting card designer... you'd think this would not illicit sweaty palms, panic or cold sweats. Ordinarily you'd be right. But you see this year... I fell a little behind. OKAY! I fell alot behind and didn't get to my own cards until super duper late. And because I was operating on design fumes this year, my cards are not only not overly inspiring in the design department, I sorta also forgot to put a very merry of any kind on them.

Oh yeah. In my design genius, I created a holiday card featuring a rather nice shot of my brood taken this summer with a lovely little watercolor treatment to match but forgot the really important part of the Christmas Card... the part about Christmas.

So dear reader if you happen to find, in your mailbox, a lovely picture of an oddly matched but not unattractive family of four at the beach minus a warm holiday hello. Please flip that baby over for a hastily dashed but a warmly sent very merry.

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