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Get Your Craft On: Modern Holiday Card Craft Board

When your friends’ beautiful holiday cards start arriving at your home, how do you artfully display them? This was the question recently posted over at Minted. Hmm...good question.

Let's see, ratty baskets, not so ratty baskets, pretty baskets with holiday ribbon and a vintage brass tree card holder or some combination of all the above. I know... I can do better.Which is why when I saw Minted's blog post on Modern Craft Boards for your Holiday Cards I was smitten.

Teamed with West Elm Accessories, the designers over a minted created this cute craft board using a simple piece of foam board, covered with linen. The cards are then pinned to the board with decoratve circle pins and highlighted with felt snowflake and Christmas tree ornaments from West Elm. Clever!

Unfortunately, I dont have nearly the room for the size board created by Minted and I wanted something a little candy stripes! But thanks to Minted's tutorial I created my own. See how it turned out!

I cut the larger piece of foam board to create two long narrow panels.

Minted's pinboard is covered with a piece of linen. I subsituted candy striped wrapping paper for a bright festive feel. Using an adhesive glue gun, I wrapped the panel neatly; securing the ends to the back of the board. Think of it as wrapping an extremely skinny box! 
I also wanted to hang mine so once the panel was wrapped, I stapled a loop of  wide satin ribbon to the back of the board and then tied it with a bow. Using a thumbtack on the inside of the loop I affixed to my wall. 

Now to to attach the Christmas Cards that have already begun to arrive!

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