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12 Days of Christmas and a Bat Mitzvah

So I've started my Holiday shopping and I am working on being commited to shopping locally, shopping handmade and being as crafty as possible. Ok so there was that total slip with the iphone was just really shiny and I have this thing about shiny- but I think I am back on track now. Anyhoo...I've decided to share my gift giving craft fest one present at time. First up: The Bat Mitzvah

I started with a gift card to a local jewelry store cuz what 12 year old girl doesn't love sparkly things? And it supports a family owned and run business in my area. Then it was on to presentation.

1 gift bag
1 monogram letter
1 glitter tree bow
1 wooden butterfly
1 folk art paint
1 balsa wood box
1 butterfly pic
1 glitter gift box holder
1 rhinestone monogram letter

- PLAN A: Paint the wooden butterfly ornament and the wooden box. Insert the giftcard into the box and then attach the gilded butterfly and ribbon. My cat had other ideas for both the butterflies and the box. I managed to save one butterfly from his evil clutches, the rest...lost. Me 1. Cat 2.

- PLAN B: Another box and more glitter.

I sealed the gift card inside the pocket and tied with ribbon. I attached the rhinestone monogram to outside corner of the box and clipped the butterfly clip on the bow. At this point I am feeling pretty good about it all and my son, whose classmate is celebrating her big day, is trying not to hyperventilate at all the glitter. Poor dear.

Then it was time for more presentation and more glitter. I know... it's a disease - me and the glitter.

I attached the giant glitter bow to the outside of the bag with hotglue and wire wrap the monogram letter onto the bow. I placed the gift card pocket inside the bag and stuffed with matching metallic silver tissue. Love those stars. 

What's with the presentation you say? Really? Is all that neccessary? The glitter probably not but seriously...pretty packaging can make even a pair of socks rock. Visit your local dollar store, the dollar isles at your local craft stores. Think inexpensive but creative. Just a little thinkin outside of the box can go along way.

Next up: Grandma's Garden

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