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Fine Design: Cold Beer Anyone?

So Mr. Wonderful better known as my husband has informed me that he thinks he's going to brew his own beer. Not sure what sort of adventure we might be on with this one but custom beer labels are dancing in my head already. Take a peek at some of my favs.

Lakefront 88 designed by Boelter + Lincoln

Bogata Beer Company designed by Lucho Correa

A letterpress label designed by Hub Collective for Roscoes Pale Ale.

Austin Beerworks designed by The Helms Workshop 

Its is too much to ask for that the beer be as good as the label? Lets cross our fingers!


Michael Graham said...

We're proud to be included along with such other great beer labels.

In regards to brewing, my advice to you husband would be, "Like design, with brewing, cleaner = better." Make sure everything is washed and sanitized!

Thanks and good luck!

2BSquared Designs said...

Mr. Wonderful says "cool" and since I posted has now exhauasted himself trying to find you locally. While we are lucky enough to hail from the great state of Texas ( how lucky can you get right?) no such luck finding the ale in VA/DC. Any thoughts on where to source?