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Who Knew: A Cookie Buffet

I have heard of candy buffets...sweet! But not everybody is a fan of a 20lb glass jar filled with skittles so what do you do if that's to cutesy for you? Well aaccording to is all about the cookie buffet. Now you are speaking my language. Yum!

Envision a collection of mismatched china or depression era pressed glass cake stands filled to the brim. Or a collection of color coordinated glass stands - overflowing with cookie delights. Make it fun by including a selection of  handmade favorites like classic chocolate chunk cookies, lemon poppy shortbread, black-and-whites, and raspberry creams. And make it personal by including your childhood favorites...a good old fashion oatmeal raisin cookie perhaps? Consider using an old family recipe or handmade speciality to honor your heritage or in remembrance of a family member who is no longer with you. 

And don't forget....personalized cookie favor bags so guests can take their cookies home and voila. Check out this loveliness and its FREE! Our favorite!

Check out this FREE download over at

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