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Books to Read...or not

So I have been trying play catch up on my "required" reading for book club. Here is the book I've yet to finish.

Ahabs Wife by Sena Naslund

Its a work of historical fiction using Herman Melville's Moby-Dick as looking glass into early-19th-century America. This ambitious novel pays tribute to Melville, creating heroines from his lesser characters, and to America's literary heritage in general or says Amazon.

I personally missed the actual meeting upon which this book was assigned. Had I been there...perhaps there would have been a slighly different choice. It's not my favorite book but the heroine Una, has just gone to sea at 16 disguised as a boy, has her ship sunk by her own monstrous whale, and survives a harrowing shipwreck... there may be hope yet.

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