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DIY: A Stylishly Crafty Potluck Dinner

Just in time for memorial day! Invite friends and neighboors over for a stylishly crafty potluck dinner. You can make your own cards, place mats and napkins using simple stamps, some paint or your computer. Use poster or fabric paint for printing on paper (for cards, gift wrap, etc.), or use acrylic paint if you decide to decorate an item that needs a waterproof finish (glassware, clay pots, etc.).

Create these cute Potluck Invitations by typing up and printing from your printer the who, what, where and when. Just make sure you leave room for the stamp and then stamp with a classic silverware image.

To create napkins, brush a small amount of paint onto the underside of the stamp. Carefully place the stamp where you want the design printed and stamp away. Cotton absorbs more pigment than paper, so make sure to fully coat your stamp before pressing it onto cloth. 

Keep the theme going by taking ordinary paper cups and adding a monogramed cuff.  You may monogram each guest’s first initial over drinking glasses to turn them into place cards. Simply stamp or print a guests initial on cardstock. Then either cut or use a paper punch, sized to fit, to cut the card stock into circles, glue circle to a paper strip and seal ends together with adhesive, slip around cup. Try using a the hosts initial for all the cups if you are expecting a larger crowd.

NEAT IDEA:  Ask each guest to send you the recipe for the item they are bringing to the potluck. Type up each recipe on a separate piece of cardstock. Stamp or print the cards with the silverware image or other kitchen motif. Cut the cards down to 3.5 x 5 so they are sure to fit in everyones recipe box. Place the collection of recipes in a cute gift box available from your local craft store or online at  Send guests home full and excited to recreate the delicious fare at home with recipe cards as a parting gift!

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