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Bookclub Bookplates

A girlfriend just invited me to join her Bookclub. Now these girls have been at this book club business since college so I am feeling a little book shame here. They actually read "real books" although I did catch that Twlight has been in the rotation - thank goodness for small favors. We haven't started our first book yet but while I obsessively check my mailbox - curse you Amazon- my girlfriend loaned me last months read. As I cracked open the cover I noticed she had placed a tiny address label inside - you know, just one she uses for her regular mail - as a sorta ad hoc bookplate. It's really a great book and she's a great friend so I thought they both served a Bookclub Bookplate. She loved them so I thought maybe you might like them too!

These bookplates can be printed on adhesive-backed or regular paper (try using colored paper) that you adhere with a glue-stick or double-stick tape. You can download the tree graphics I used here .

Download book plate pdf.

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