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Making my list...and checkin it twice

OK folks... I've just completed my proverbial " if I haven't sold it in 6 months it's never gonna sell " list. The list is spectacularly long. Geesh! Why such a poor showing this year? Bad design. Bad photography and in one case a healthy dose of both. So I am cleaning shop. It's time to hunt down the items that fall into the "what was I thinking when I designed that" category in my shop and send them to the stationery graveyard. Which sadly, works out to be pretty much my entire current wedding collection! 

On the upside...that makes room for a whole new collection which is almost complete. I've got some great pieces I am really hoping are gonna be truly reflective of how much I've grown as a designer. The designs will include matching save the dates as well as matching escort cards too! I am super excited about their release which I hope will be early Winter and just in time to thrill all you lovely ladies ( and gents) who decide to get hitched over the holiday season. So stay tuned!

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