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DIY: It's in the Bag

Have you ever needed a quick gift graduation gift but wanted something homemade or at least something that vaguely resembled home made? Of course you have. Well here's your answer. Why not create a monogrammed bookbag? It's cute, quick and practical! Here's how:

Materials needed (to make one bag):
• iron-on monogram letter
• pre-washed cotton bookbag
• 1-2 sheets decorative iron-on applique's ( flowers, birds, etc.)

Step 1: Decide placement of the applique's.

Preheat iron to cotton setting and lay the project out on a hard, heat resistant surface.
Step 2:  Position applique on fabric design up.
Cover with thin cloth. Press and hold for 15 -20 seconds to tack applique to project. Reverse fabric (turn fabric inside out) and press from the back for an additional 30 seconds to complete application.

Step 3: Dress it up a little.
Think about adding rhinestones, custom tags, trinkets or all three.

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