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Journal Jars

So I've got a little design project I am working's not going well. AT. ALL. I need to come up with a design for a journal. Easy peasy right? C'mon, I LOVE paper! I. LOVE. JOURNALS. How hard can it be? Apparently, tremendously. Why you ask? I like blank ones. Yeah... as in nothing on the cover. I gravitate to those gorgeous leather covered ones filled with endless crisp blank sheets of paper goodness.  

Bird Journal from MoonandHare

See what I mean. Delish! But alas no go. So in my utterly depressed state as I trolled the interwebs I stumbled on Journal Jars. Totally not gonna work for my project but LOVE them! Decorative jars filled with slips of  paper with a different journal topic. Clever and cute! My fav. 

So the slips are supposed to act as prompts for "real" journals later on. So when you sit down to work on your journal, you pull out a slip, read the topic and start writing about that subject, event or memory.

I actually really love the idea of just putting the thoughts in the jar. Just jotting down a short note about the day, person or event and stashing it in the jar. Would make a great Mothers Day present or Graduation gift. Fill the jar with special memories about mom or the grad. Wanna make one? Go HERE to find out how.

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